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12PENN   12 Leaves Pendant Necklace (SOLD OUT)
GKR   3 Set Adjustable Gold Chevron Knuckle Ring
8RINGSET   8 Ring Set- Gold
BARS200   Above the Bar Necklace - Silver
ALICEPAST   Alice Pastel Necklace
ALLYOUNEED   All You Need is Love- Midi Ring Set
AMOREROPENECK   Amore Lace Rope Necklace
ANDEARCUFF   Andromeda Ear Cuff
ARCHPVR   Arched Pave Ring
AR200   ARIA - Delicate Crystal Bracelet
ATHENABLACK   Athena Floral Black Necklace
ATHENABLUE   Athena Floral Blue Necklace
AZTPAVEEAR   Aztec Pave Tortoise Earrings
AZLTSN   Azul Tassel Necklace
BAC200   Bacara - Square Luxe Pave Bracelet
BARREDGMID   Barred Midi Gold Ring Set
BARREDSLMID   Barred Midi Silver Ring Set
1000   Basilissa - Pave Bracelet
B1000BLACK   Basilissa - Pave Bracelet- Black
B1000SILVER   Basilissa - Pave Bracelet- Silver
1001   Basilissa Necklace -
BELLAPAISLEYDROP   Bella Paisley Drop Earring
BELLAPAISLEYDROPG   Bella Paisley Drop Earring - Gold
1102   Black Bubble Necklace
BCWATCH   Black Chain Watch
BLACKGEO   Black Geo Bud Necklace(SOLD OUT )
BLTAS   Black Leather Tassel Necklace (SOLD OUT)
BPLB   Black Link Bracelet
OHMYBL   Black Oh My Chic Boyfriend Sweatshirt
BLKOPERABIB   Black Opera Bib Necklace
TABNCK   Black Tab Necklace
1106   Blue Bubble Necklace
NVYDOT   Blue Dotted
BLUMIXMEDIA   Blue Mixed Media Bracelet
BLCRST   Blush Crest Necklace
CRYPRLB   Blush Crystal Pearl Burst Necklace
BLSHD   Blush Shield Necklace
BLSHDS   Blush Shield Studs
BOHOTASSELSCARF   Boho Tassel Scarves- 4 colors
BLDFLWRB   Bold Flower Statement Bracelet
BOLDFLOWER   Bold Flower Statement Necklace
BOUQFLWRNCK   Bouquet of Flowers Necklace
BRASSVALLEY   Brass Wide Valley Ring
BRENDARAWCRYS   Brenda Raw Crystal Drop Earrings
BRIDET   Bride Tee
BURSTCLP   Burst Clip-on Earrings
Camo   Camo Crush Tee
CHEVRONSCARF   Chevron Scarves- 5 colors
CFLOWERETSTRAND   Citron Floweret Strand Necklace
CLARAB   Clara Cluster Earrings- Blue
CLARAR   Clara Cluster Earrings- Red
CLASSIC   CLASSIC Boyfriend Sweatshirt
CLASSICecogrey   CLASSIC Boyfriend Sweatshirt- Eco Grey
CLASLINK   Classic Gold Link Bracelet
CLSPEARL   Classic Pearl Bib
CLASSLINK   Classic Silver Link Bracelet
CCPRLTRDS   Clear Crystal Pearl Tear Drop Studs
CLEARGLDBUCKLE   Clear Gold Buckle Bracelet
CLRSUNBRST   Clear Sunburst Bracelet
CLEARTEARSTUD   Clear Tear Drop Crystal Stud
CLEARDANGLE   Clear Tear Drop Dangle Earrings
Cliche   Cliche Tee
CSSPIKEP   Colored Stone Spike Bracelet - Pink
CSSPIKET   Colored Stone Spike Bracelet - Turquoise
WAL   Colorful Clutches/Wallets
FSTAQUA   Colorful Tassel Necklace- Aqua
FSTBLK   Colorful Tassel Necklace- Black
FSTGRY   Colorful Tassel Necklace- Grey
FSTPINK   Colorful Tassel Necklace- Pink
FSTROYAL   Colorful Tassel Necklace- Royal
COURTRIB   Courtney Ribbon Necklace
CRTAS200   Cream Tassel Necklace (SOLD OUT)
CRYSTALBLOOMG   Crystal Bloom Drop Earring- Gold
CRYSTALBLOOMS   Crystal Bloom Drop Earring- Silver
CRYSCLRCOLOREAR   Crystal Clear Color Earrings
CLUSTEREARCUFF   Crystal Cluster Ear Cuff
CRYSTALCRUSHHB   Crystal Crush Headband
CRYSTLCUBECUFF   Crystal Cube Cuff
CRYSTLCUBESLVR   Crystal Cube Cuff- Silver
CDBRACE   Crystal Daisy Bracelet
CRYDAISY   Crystal Daisy Studs
CRYDGTWRP   Crystal Double Wrap Bracelet - Gold
CRYDSTWRP   Crystal Double Wrap Bracelet - Silver
CRYSTALLACEDROP   Crystal Lace Drop Earring
CRYSTALLACEDROPG   Crystal Lace Drop Earring - Gold
CRYLYN   Crystal Layered Tassel Necklace
CRLEAFEAR   Crystal Leaf Earrings
CRYPRLC   Crystal Pearl Burst Necklace
PLOOMEARCUFF   Crystal Ploom Ear Cuff
RAYEARCUFF   Crystal Ray Ear Cuff
CRYRIBB   Crystal Ribbon Bracelet
CRYSHDS   Crystal Shield Studs
CRYGTWRP   Crystal Single Wrap Bracelet - Gold
CRYSTWRP   Crystal Single Wrap Bracelet - Silver
CRYSTALSTRAND   Crystal Strand Necklace
CRYSTALSTUD   Crystal Studs
DAINTHEART   Dainty Gold Heart
DAINTYKEY   Dainty Key Necklace- Gold
DAINTYTASSEL   Dainty Tassel Necklace- Gold
DAINTYTASSELSLR   Dainty Tassel Necklace- Silver
DSYLEAFB   Daisy Leaf Bib Necklace
DSHDRP   Dashing Drop Earrings
DELGLDB   Delicate Bar Earrings - Gold
DELSLRB   Delicate Bar Earrings - Silver
DRTHYEM   Dorthy Emerald Woven Bracelet
DoubleGoldNeck   Double Gold Chain Necklace(SOLD OUT)
DBLKCR   Double Knuckle Chain Ring - Silver
DTAS   Double Tassel Necklace
DREAMPRINT   Dream Big Little One Print
DRPCRYSTAL   Drop Crystal Earrings
DRYCB   Druzy Chunk Necklace - Blue
DRYCG   Druzy Chunk Necklace - Grey
DRYSG   Druzy Stone Necklace - Grey
DRYSW   Druzy Stone Necklace - White
DUALPEARLG   Dual Pearl Cuf Necklace- Gold
DUALPEARLSLV   Dual Pearl Cuff- Silver
DBLH   Dual Pearl Studs - Hematite
DBLPP   Dual Pearl Studs - Pearl
DBLSP   Dual Pearl Studs - Pink
DBLPRG   Dual Pearl Studs - Rose Gold
DBLP   Dual Pearl Studs - Silver
DBLST   Dual Pearl Studs - Turquoise
ELZPEACH   Elizabeth Peach Bib
ELLADRP   Ella Drop Earrings
ELOCRYST   Eloquent Crystal Necklace
EMRLDCHAIN   Emerald Detailed Chain Necklace
FANCYT   Fancy Tee
FASHAFFAIR   Fashion Affair - Glitz Bow & Black Bow
FASHIONGREYTEE   Fashionably Late Tee- Eco Grey
FitPregnancy2   Fit Pregnancy - Orange Bree Bracelet
FitPregnancy   Fit Pregnancy - Turquoise Dotted
FLORAMULTI   Flora Multi Bib Necklace
FLRDA   Florida Bracelet
FUCHDOT   Fuchsia Dotted
FUSHTEE   Fuschia Tee Hoodie - Large
GAZTRCLP   Gazing Tear Drop Clip-on Earrings
GEMMAPEARL   Gemma Crystal Pearl Strands
GEONCKAQ   Geo Cluster Necklace - Aqua
GEONCKIV   Geo Cluster Necklace - Ivory
GEONCKRD   Geo Cluster Necklace - Merlot
GEONCKNVY   Geo Cluster Necklace - Navy
GEOCLSTBLK   Geo Cluster Studs - Black
GEOCLSTBR   Geo Cluster Studs - Burnt Red
GEOCLSTIV   Geo Cluster Studs - Ivory
GGLDPRL   Geo Gold Pearl Ring
GODIVABC   Godiva Silver Body Chain
GLDMAUVEAMP   Gold and Mauve Ampersand Ring
GLDAZTEC   Gold Aztec Ring
GLDBLL   Gold Ball Studs
GLDSPLIT   Gold Bold Split Ring
GCIRCLEDOTNECK   Gold Dainty Circle and Dot Necklace
GOLDSTARMOON   Gold Dainty Star and Moon Necklace
GOLDDOUBLECROSS   Gold Double Cross Necklace
DLINK   Gold Double Link Bracelet
GOLDDOUBLEBAR   Gold Double Pave Bar Necklace
GOLDDOUBLEPVCROSS   Gold Double Pave Cross Necklace
GLDELEPHANT   Gold Elephant Pendant
GIN100   Gold Infinity Necklace
GKNECK   Gold Knot Necklace
GLDLAR   Gold Lariat Crystal Necklace
GLDOPENPYRAMID   Gold Open Pyramid Stud
PBB100   Gold Pave Ball Bracelet
GLDPVCUFF   Gold Pave Ball Cuff- 14K
GLDPVPYRAMID   Gold Pave Pyramid Stud
CROSSG   GOLD Side Way Cross Necklace
GOLDDN300   Gold Strand Drop Necklace
GRAPHITECIRCLE   Graphite Circle Necklace
GRNTSSB   Green Tassel Bangle
HALFMNA   Half Moons Necklace - Aqua
HIH   Hi Haters Hoodie
HISHERSPRINT   His & Her's Black Print
HolySwoon   Holy Swoon Eco-Tee
HNYCGLD   Honeycomb Earrings - Gold
HOODSCRF   Hooded Scarf - 6 COLORS
HUBBYT   Hubby Tee
BEMINEPRINT   I'll Be Yours and You Be Mine Print
ICYCRYSTDRP   Icy Crystal Drop Earrings -Silver
GIDNKL   ID Necklace - GOLD
SIDNKL   ID Necklace - Silver
INDIANDROPS   Indian Blue Summer Drops
IVYBMN   Ivory Beam Necklace
1104   Ivory Bubble Necklace
NEWYRCRYSTAL   Jane Crystal Studs
JETSWT   Jetsetter Sweatshirt
JULSPARN   Juliet Crystal Sparkle Necklace
JULSPAREAR   Juliet Sparkle Earrings
KIDSTPBLK   KIDS Heather Grey Tee Pee Shirt
GKSHG   Knit Shrug - 5 COLORS
KNTSETG   Knot Bangle Bracelet SET- Gold
KNTSETS   Knot Bangle Bracelet SET- Silver
KNCKGMID   Knuckle Midi Ring Set- Gold
KNCKSMID   Knuckle Midi Ring Set- Silver
LAFashionWeekly   LA Fashion Weekly - Mini Bow Ring
LADYLUCKEAR   Lady Luck Earrings
LRGPBLUEAR   Large Blue Acrylic Earrings
LRGBLUACR   Large Blue Acrylic Necklace
LRGDFUEAR   Large Deep Fuschia Acrylic Earrings
LRGPNKEAR   Large Pink Acrylic Earrings
LRGPNKACR   Large Pink Acrylic Necklace

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